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Protection against third party bodily injury and property damage

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Third Party Insurance

We offer 2 types of Third Party Insurance covers

  • Third Party, Fire & Theft (TP&FT)
  • Third Party Only (TPO)


The main difference between these is the scope of the cover that the insured party enjoys, with the minimum legal requirement being the TPO. This covers the insured from liability arising out of the damage to third party persons and injuries caused by the insured vehicle in the use for which it is insured.

This liability is the most common insurance claim; it arises out of small to medium road accidents where the insured has:

  • Damage to property that belongs to other people like vehicles or buildings
  • Death or injury to pedestrians or public
  • Death or injury to passengers.

Please note that this type of insurance protects the interest of only third parties, not yours.

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