Britam 24/7 Rescue Service

We understand the stress and anxiety that can come with being involved in a motor accident. That's why we offer you a reliable 24/7 Rescue service.  
Our team is always ready to provide much-needed assistance at the scene of an accident and to help with the processing of claims.  
With just one phone call, we can significantly reduce the stress of the situation, giving you assurance and peace of mind. 

Britam Motor Rescue Services


  • Free Britam 24/7 Rescue Service for new and existing Britam Comprehensive Motor Insurance customers 
  • Quick response & connection to emergency services. 
  • Free towing. 
  • Assistance in obtaining a police abstract & filing a claim. 

How do I get the service? 

  • In case of an accident call +211 0911006001/3
  • Once the rescue team arrives at the accident scene, they will guide you on the rescue process. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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